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Utah’s leading furnace repair and furnace replacement experts for heating service and repairs. We are here to maximize your heating and air conditioning equipment in order to keep you and your loved ones comfortable all year long.

Our HVAC heating and air conditioning service and repair technicians are highly qualified and have had the necessary training needed to provide the best results for you. If your furnace system is beyond repair or you would like to upgrade your furnace due to safety or reliability concerns, our skilled technicians can install and replace your old furnace quickly.

We want to ensure your comfort in your home and make sure your furnace is operating smoothly by repairing or replacing your furnace if necessary . We can help you choose from a wide variety of top-quality furnaces that will provide heating and air conditioning services for years to come. Our team will assist you in customizing a furnace that best fits the needs of your home and family.

Most heating and cooling systems consume more than half of a home’s energy. By switching to an energy efficient system you could be saving up to a third of that cost.

Look no further than Southern Heating and Air Conditioning of West Jordan, Utah for your HVAC service and furnace repair needs!

Importance of Maintaining and Repairing Your Furnace

West Jordan Furnace Repair & Furnace Replacement

Many local Utah residents do not realize their homes furnace heating system operates approximately 3,300 hours per year. To put this “run time” in perspective, a car driven for the same 3,300 hours at 65 miles per hour would travel 214,500 miles. This would take you around the world 8 and half times.  No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication, and routine tune-ups along the way to assure the efficiency, safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Your home furnace serves you many more hours than your car, and, like your car, needs routine tune-ups and repairs to operate in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner.

Furnace Repair West Jordan Utah

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Our unique precision tune-up includes everything that can possibly be done in order to restore your furnace to its very best condition, so it reduces the chance of a costly furnace repair. No other local heating company performs a comparable precision tune-up.

We look forward to the opportunity to prove our quality and customer service to you. For this and other information on air conditioning, furnaces repairs, replacement and  furnace maintenance for home comfort please contact Southern Heating & Air Conditioning.